Monday, January 4, 2010

AVON Fashions - Ethel Brassiere

Ethel non-wire brassiere

  • a black colored non-wire brassiere of AVON has a lace accents and a pep hole on its center gore. making it very sexy in wearing
  • The ethel brassire provides a light support for gentle shaping. giving your body a perfect shape.
  • this is made of 100% nylon
  • these can be purchased n any AVON dealers.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

AVON wellness: Health and Beauty in Harmony - Hair removing Pad

The Hair Removing Pad of AVON removes unwanted hair in legs and arms and other parts of the body except head and face. The AVON's hair removing pad comes with a set of depilatory pad holder and four depilatory pads. These depilatory pad used by AVON are lined with micro cystals, the holder is made of Thermoplastic Rubber. AVON hair removing pad exfoliate the skin.

In using the hair removing pad one must;
  • remove the back part of the depilatory pad to expose the adhesive side
  • attached the adhesive side to the holder
  • ensure that skin is clean and dry
  • place the hair removing pad on the area in circular motion using slight pressure until unwanted hair is removed
  • if the effectiveness of the pad is reduced, replace with a new one.
This hair removing pad removes hair on your skin safely.

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