Saturday, June 18, 2011

AVON: Ultra Luxury Lip Liner

@ 220 pesos only
Avon: Ultra Luxury Lip Liner
Precision pencil sharpens to a fine point. Won't tug or pull. According to Jillian Dempsey to apply the Ultra Luxury Lip Liner and to help lips speak volumes. First,apply lipstick, then line lips with a liner that matches your lip color. This makes lips look more natural and keeps color from feathering. The key to fuller looking lips and rich, lasting color: smooth, blendable liner that lasts up to 8 hours.

Kettykatsrule of says that the neutral blends well with just about any color lipsticks.

and trueavonaddict says that:

"I bought this in Neutral, Rosebud, Shimmer Mauve and Wild Berry (they were on sale!)
Neutral: A little bit orangey if you put it on thick, but just right if you use a light hand to apply. Works well with the Perfect Wear Totally Twig lipstick.

Rosebud: Perfect for my fair skin tone. Looks a little more natural than the Neutral, so I can wear it with very sheer lipsticks or even a lipgloss (not a clear gloss, though).

Shimmer Mauve: Good for a night look on my fair skin.

Wild Berry: This has to be my favorite, though I probably won't use it as often as the rest. It's very.. Bold. But being a stay-at-home-mom, it's a little too bold. Maybe I'll use it when my hubby comes back from deployment and we can go out to dinner or something. It's a pretty color, though. But definitely more for night.
And they all glide on smoothly (if they don't, it's probably b/c you didn't use a lip balm, and you should always use a lip balm before applying anything on the lips b/c it makes application much more smooth). And they wear for a good while before they rub off, too."

ropegirl of says that "This lipliner goes on nicely and stays on for awhile. It sharpens easily also. It doesn't pull at your lips when applied and seems to not smudge or be drying".

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